Originally Created in France in 2011 , AQUA STAND UP® USA is a water based core workout program which uses static paddle board as a base and incorporates yoga, pilates and combinations of HIIT and muscular conditioning while being choreographed to music. Here is a great video that show you what our program is all about :


AQUA STAND UP® USA is a small group Training Program (up to 15-plus participants) with a high Return On Investment and high level of customer loyalty. We provides complete solution to assist facilities to develop this amazing activity. AQUA STAND UP® USA Program is fun, safe, very efficient and accessible to everyone regardless of age or skill. Our boards are very stable and there’s no need to be an expert to stand up on them. During our training course instructors will be taught how to master keys of the successful set up for best results.

Recently we have partnered with 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming Lenny Krayzelburg to promote and expand our program in the United States. Already very popular in Europe over the past 6 years with a thousand social media followers, thousands more participating and growing international media attention, AQUA STAND UP® is focusing on pursing new opportunities and partnerships in the US.

At this time we are introducing a new leasing program that provides opportunity to bring AQUA STAND UP® to your facility with minimal upfront investment. Please refer to our DIGITAL BROCHURE that describes in detail what AQUA STAND UP® is, benefits of it, and how it can be introduced and implemented in your aquatic facility.

AQUA STAND UP® USA is a recognized CECs Provider. For additional information, please check out our website at AQUA STAND UP® WEBSITE !

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